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Episode 2 : KORANSHA x NY Chefs - Chef Guillaume Thivet, Executive Chef of Boucherie

Koransha, the oldest manufacture of Arita Ware in Japan, is very pleased to announce you that we just published our Episode 2 of "Koransha x NY Chefs" YouTube Series!

In this KORANSHA x NY Chefs series, you will watch how chefs in NYC enjoy the beauty of KORANSHA's plates with their cuisines and appreciate the craftsmanship and traditions KORANSHA has been carrying on for over centuries.

Enjoy the beautiful cultural collaboration of 400-year-history of Arita porcelain from Japan and young and talented chefs in NYC!

Episode 2 : Chef Guillaume Thivet x Pinstripe

Pinstripe Series

Pinstripe Series The exquisite relief is produced by controlling the thickness of the glaze to produce a fine and uniform texture the likes of which cannot be created by hand. This is further accentuated through the use of a lapis lazuli blue to impart rich depth. Made in Arita, Japan.


- What made you chefs? What is your career as a chef?

- How did you enjoy Koransha's plates today?

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