Fine Porcelain of Royal Quality 
        from Arita, Japan Since 1689

This centuries-old porcelain artform counts royal and noble families from around the world as its admirers for more than 400 years. Also known as Hizen Ware or Imari Ware, the fine porcelain manufactured in Arita, Japan was originally marked by its thin, translucent white finish with a blue overglaze base. Today, the decorative porcelain’s aesthetic has evolved to include a vibrant spectrum of colors.


Arita porcelain products include bottle vases, bowls, pots, mugs and sake flasks. Since its introduction to Europe in the 17th century, Arita ware instantly became associated with wealth and tradition, earning the moniker “white gold”. Today, Arita ware’s reputation precedes itself, and you will find fine Arita porcelain used at some of the most luxurious restaurants in the world. Koransha is a proud supplier of Arita ware, and you can check out our products here

The birth of Arita ware and Koransha go hand-in-hand, dating back to when a special white stone was first discovered four centuries ago in a small Japanese town located in the northwestern area of Kyūshū Island (formerly known as the Hizen Province). At the same time, Koransha was founded by Matashiro Fukagawa, who used this white stone to make handcrafted porcelain for Japan’s imperial household.


Koransha is the longest-standing original manufacturer of Arita ware and porcelain tableware in Japan. Using techniques and traditional craftsmanship handed down through generations, Koransha remains one of the world's most well-respected brands in the porcelain manufacturing industry.


Today, Koransha stocks a wide range of unique products. From vases to tea sets to dinnerware, you can revolutionize the look of your kitchen or home with these prestigious products. Own one of these luxurious Arita ware products today! 

Our mission is to create better products for our customers while continuing to pass down ancient techniques and traditions, achieved through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology.


Our artisans are devoted to the tradition and history of Koransha, honoring our forefathers and masters who came before us with each piece of artwork we create. Apprentice artisans at Koransha learn and hone their skills under the guidance of masters -- a tradition that has continued for hundreds of years and will continue for many more. As a result, Koransha has become known for our commitment to innovation and an exceptional standard of quality.


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 Fine Porcelain of Royal Quality from Arita, Japan Since 1689