The Origin of Koransha's Arita Ware

Over four centuries ago, in a small Japanese town, a new type of stone was discovered. This white stone was the key to manufacturing porcelain and created a new style of porcelain pottery. This was the birth of Arita ware. These porcelain products are the namesake of the town where the precious white stone was discovered, Arita.  


One of the original manufacturers of Arita Ware still continues to create beautiful works of porcelain today. Koransha, the oldest standing creator of Arita Ware and porcelain tableware in Japan. Using techniques and traditional craftsmanship handed down through generations, Koransha remains one of the world's most well-respected brands in the porcelain manufacturing industry.   


The Arita Ware products that Koransha specializes in are fine, decorative porcelain products used as vases, decorations, bowls, dinner sets, teacups, and other homeware. Since Koransha’s inception in 1689, by our founding father Matashiro Fukagawa, we have been renowned for our magnificent Arita Ware products. Koransha has been a main supplier of Arita porcelain to Japan’s imperial household for over 3 centuries.  

The Story of KORANSHA: The Oldest Creator of Arita Ware and Porcelain Tableware in Japan Since 1689
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The Story of KORANSHA: The Oldest Creator of Arita Ware and Porcelain Tableware in Japan Since 1689

The Origin of Koransha's Arita Ware

The prestigious recognition did not stop here, though. In the 1870s, when Japan opened up trade with the rest of the world, Koransha began to ship luxury Arita Ware around the world. There was significant demand for the high-quality products in Western Europe, with royalty and noble families collecting our unique porcelain creations. The Koransha Arita Ware products were highly touted collector’s items and a sign of wealth. They are still sought after today by antique dealers and collectors around the world.  


It was at this time that the company was formally incorporated. In 1879, an eighth-generation descendant of the company's founder, Eizaemon Fukagawa, formed Koransha as it is known today. The core value of the company was to preserve the tradition and technique of generations of crafting Arita Ware while continuing to innovate using modern technology. This principle defines the whole story of Koransha and is still the basis of our company today.  

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How Does Koransha Uphold Tradition

After Over Four Centuries?  

At Koransha, our entire mission is to create better products for customers while passing down ancient techniques and traditions. The treasure trove of knowledge passed down to new generations of Koransha employees is crucial to our company’s success. Apprentice artisans at Koransha learn and hone their skills under the guidance of masters, a tradition that has continued for hundreds of years and will continue for many more.  


Every piece of Arita ware that Koransha manufactures is a combined team effort. With so many different stages of manufacturing, the team has to work together if they want to create pieces that are faithful to the original design. Every artisan involved in the creation of Koransha Arita Ware is devoted to the tradition and history of Koransha. We honor our forefathers and masters who went before us with every piece of artwork we create.  


The unwavering commitment to faithfully reproduce original designs is what creates the unique quality and prestige for which Koransha Arita Ware products are renowned.