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Colorful Patterns

Korin Crane 

Borrowing from imagery of a flock of cranes painted by Ogata Korin on a pair of six-panel folding screens in the Edo period, this set is resplendent in the elegant Koransha style. Featuring a luxurious finish with gold trim throughout the interior of the piece.

Made in Arita, Japan.   

Brand: Koransha

Korin Crane Motif 
Sake Serving Set 


Sake Bottle: D 2.8" x H 4.7" 
Sake Cup :
D 2.6" x H 1.8" 

Korin Crane Motif
Sake Cup

Korin Crane Motif
Cup & Saucer


D 3.3" x H 1.4"


Cup: D 3.3" x H 3.0"

Saucer: D 5.9" x H 0.6"

Korin Crane Motif
Paired Plates


D 6.1" x H 1.2"

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