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Colorful Patterns

Begonia Collections

The shukaido, or hardy begonia, blooms vividly on the first days of fall. This luxurious flower is the emblematic icon of Koransha. The heart-shaped leaves feature a deep indigo, the result of expert craft techniques. The motif comes to life through a blue and white contrast and sprayed glaze technique.

Made in Arita, Japan.   

Brand: Koransha

Coffee Cup & Saucer 

D 7.1" x H 1.2"

Tea Cup & Saucer

Tea Set

Cup: D 2.9" x H 3.1"

Saucer: D 5.9" x H 1.0"

Medium Size Dish Set 

Serving Dish Set

Fan Shaped Plate

D 5.7" x H 0.8"

W 8.5" x H 0.9"

Cup: D 3.9" x H 2.2"

Saucer: D 5.9" x H 1.0"

Tea Pot : D 2.5" x H 7.1"

Tea Cup: D 3.7" x H 3.4"

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