Simple Modern


The exquisite relief is produced by controlling the thickness of the glaze to produce a fine and uniform texture the likes of which cannot be created by hand. This is further accentuated through the use of a lapis lazuli blue to impart rich depth.

Made in Arita, Japan.

Brand: Koransha 


D 8.07" × H 1.18"

Cup & Saucer

Cup - D 3.7"× H 2.2"
Saucer - D 5.51" × H 1"

Seji: NX4006-1FRB7

White: W4006-1FRB7

Ruri: R4006-1FRB7

Seji: NXW4006-1HRB

White: WNX4006-1HRB

Ruri: R4006-1HRB