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New Episode is Here! KORANSHA x NY Chefs - Chef Manabu Asanuma

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

New Episode of "KORANSHA x NY Chefs" is now published on YouTube!

In this KORANSHA x NY Chefs series, you will watch how chefs in NYC enjoy the beauty of KORANSHA's plates with their cuisines and appreciate the craftsmanship and traditions KORANSHA has been carrying on for over centuries. Enjoy the beautiful cultural collaboration of 400-year-history of Arita porcelain from Japan and young and talented chefs in NYC!

Episode 5 : Chef Manabu Asanuma - Chef at Odo Restaurant

Collections in the video

Gold Patterned Dinner Set at New Episode of "KORANSHA x NY Chefs"
Gold Patterned Dinner Set

Gold Patterned Dinner Set

This piece makes a nod to the design of a small flower vase produced in 1868 and thereafter. Featuring detailed gold trim throughout, the well-balanced design depicts dragons and floral patterns. This opulent and gorgeously elegant piece is redolent with the composed atmosphere of the Meiji period.

Made in Arita, Japan.

Cobaltline Collection

Cobaltline Collection at New Episode of "KORANSHA x NY Chefs"
Cobaltline Collection

We proudly use Koransha's signature color, Ruri (shiny royal blue) on this Cobaltline series. By spritzing Ruri glaze over the surface, its unique design depicts the sky getting darker from evening into night. The Cobaltline goes with any type of cuisine. This is one of the finest products from Koransha and you will discover a high-quality feeling in its simplicity.

Made in Arita, Japan

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