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10 Types of Japanese Tableware that You Should Buy in 2023

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The Japanese tableware market is a multi-billion dollar industry, and with its unique culture and history, there are many different types of Japanese tableware.

10 Types of Japanese Tableware that You Should Buy in 2023

There are hundreds of different types of Japanese tableware that you can buy, ranging from high-end to low-end. However, it is not difficult to distinguish between high-end and low-end Japanese tableware.

Some types of Japanese tableware are costly but are still worth buying. This Japanese tableware is often made of precious metals and used for special events. On the other hand, some types of Japanese tableware are also cheap and not worth buying.

In this article, we will discuss ten different types of Japanese tableware that you should know about.

10 Types of Japanese Tableware that You Should Buy in 2023

1- Colorful Animal Patterns Collections:

Animal Collection is a set of animal shaped dinnerware. Koransha's Animal Series makes for a perfect gift. The animal patterns on the cup reflect platinum animal silhouettes onto the saucer.

Colorful Animal Patterns Collections - 10 Types of Japanese Tableware that You Should Buy in 2023
Colorful Animal Patterns Collections

Our medium plates also come with matching animal patterns on their rims. Your favorite animal can now bring delight and joy to your table.

2- Colorful Begonia Patterns Collections:

Colorful Begonia Patterns is the newest collection from Koransha that showcases the beauty of begonia. This beautiful flower has been the symbolic icon of Koransha since the early Edo period. Its leaves have a heart shape, and the blooms are vivid colors that attract attention.

Expert craftsmen in Japan make this collection. Each piece is finished to a high level of craftsmanship.

Colorful Begonia Patterns Collections - 10 Types of Japanese Tableware that You Should Buy in 2023

The shukaido, or hardy begonia, blooms vividly on the first days of fall. This luxurious flower is the symbolic icon of Koransha. The heart-shaped leaves feature deep indigo from expert craft techniques. The motif comes to life through a blue and white contrast and sprayed glaze technique.

3 - Simple Modern Cattleya Relief Japanese Dinnerware:

Simple Modern Cattleya Relief Japanese Dinnerware is a series of porcelain dinnerware designed to bring modern and sophisticated style to the table. The white porcelain is adorned with a rich cattleya relief.

Simple Modern Cattleya Relief Japanese Dinnerware - 10 Types of Japanese Tableware that You Should Buy in 2023

The surface is sandblasted to give it a smooth texture and bluish tint that makes for a refined and exquisite look. The delicate relief pattern enhances the beauty of this piece and gives it a modern and sought-after style.

4- Lapis Color Cobaltline by Koransha US:

Koransha's Lapis Color Cobaltline is a new line of dinnerware that is designed to match the sky. Its unique design depicts the sky getting darker from evening into the night. The Cobaltline goes with any type of cuisine. This is one of the finest products from Koransha, and you will discover a high-quality feeling in its simplicity.

Lapis Color Cobaltline by Koransha US

This Cobaltline series from Koransha is a ceramic ware dish that is an essential piece for your kitchen. It can be used in any style of cuisine, and its simple design will not take away from your kitchen space. It is also available in different sizes and colors.

5- Gold Patterned Dinner Set:

This lovely and graceful vase depicts a dragon in gold and white. This piece was produced during the Meiji era (1868-1912) and bore the name of the emperor in which it was made. The motif of a dragon and flowers is repeated in this vase's decoration.

Gold Patterned Dinner Set

The exquisite gold finish and the delicate shape of the vase make this an excellent example of Meiji-era ceramics.

6- Harvest Grape Pattern Japanese Tableware:

Harvest Grape Pattern is one of our most popular patterns. Its delicate, intricate details are reminiscent of the softness of the grape harvest.

Harvest Grape Pattern Japanese Tableware

The patterns are created by etching the surface of the glass using a unique process. This results in a beautiful, colorful and unique pattern.

7- Simple Modern Sakura:

Koransha, is a group of the finest craftsmen who make Korans from the highest quality ceramics. Each piece is handcrafted from a single ceramic piece, which is then shaped, cut, and finished by skilled craftsmen.

 Simple Modern Sakura

This product is made with pure ceramic, and its durability is unsurpassed. Koransha is also a symbol of our culture and tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

8- The Tricolor Pattern:

The Tricolor Pattern is a mid-sized dish with a flower motif in the shape of a chrysanthemum. It features a beautiful blue-and-white pattern with a crest motif of a some-Nishiki style. This stunning dish is made in Arita, Japan.

Tricolor Pattern Bowls

The pattern is a rich and elegant combination of the Japanese traditional color scheme of white and blue and a striking and elegant design. This Arita chrysanthemum-shaped dish is a beautiful way to present food at home or in your business.

9- Korin Crane:

KORIN CRAIN was born in the year of the Ox. He is known as the master of Korin's style. He is a traditional craftsman who takes great pride in his work. In his hands, wood, metal, and lacquer become something extraordinary.