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Best Floral Dinnerware Sets for Spring

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Spring is Around The Corner! It's All About Flowers!

Bring some flower patterns to your table and feel Spring in advance! :)

Best Floral Dinnerware Sets for Spring

SAKURA Collection

The cherry blossom is the most beloved of all flowers in Japan. It has been an abiding part of the Japanese aesthetic and sensibility since ancient times and pivotal to life in Japan.

Layers of cherry blossom petals in full bloom are expressed in beautiful contrast by coats of varying shades of lapis lazuli. Applying a new technique while using the traditional color of lapis lazuli. Koransha integrates our traditions and contemporary styles into this series.

Best Floral Dinnerware Sets for Spring

MIYABI Collection

A reinterpretation of a design from the early Showa period, this classically Japanese style is subdued and austere.

CATTLEYA Collection

This white porcelain is bedecked with a rich cattleya relief. The surface is sandblasted to give it a smooth texture and bluish tint that makes for a refined and exquisite look. The delicate relief pattern enhances the beauty of this piece and gives it a modern and sought-after style.


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