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It's time to show your love with an unique gift from Japan!

Animal Collections

Koransha's Animal Series makes for a perfect gift. The animal patterns on the cup reflect platinum animal silhouettes onto the saucer. Our medium plates also come with matching animal patterns on their rims. Your favorite animal can now bring delight and joy to your table.

Begonia Collections

The heart-shaped leaves feature a deep indigo, the result of expert craft techniques. The motif comes to life through a blue and white contrast and sprayed glaze technique.

Pinstripe Collections

The exquisite relief is produced by controlling the thickness of the glaze to produce a fine and uniform texture the likes of which cannot be created by hand.

SAKURA Collections

The cherry blossom is the most beloved of all flowers in Japan. It has been an abiding part of the Japanese aesthetic and sensibility since ancient times and pivotal to life in Japan.

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