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Spring is Around the Corner!

Looking for some ideas for your spring table coordination? Check out Koransha's new collections.

SAKURA Collections

The cherry blossom is the most beloved of all flowers in Japan. It has been an abiding part of the Japanese aesthetic and sensibility since ancient times and pivotal to life in Japan. Layers of cherry blossom petals in full bloom are expressed in beautiful contrast by coats of varying shades of lapis lazuli. Applying a new technique while using the traditional color of lapis lazuli. Koransha integrates our traditions and contemporary styles into this series.

MIYABI Collections

A reinterpretation of a design from the early Showa period, this classically Japanese style is subdued and austere.

Pinstripe Collections

The exquisite relief is produced by controlling the thickness of the glaze to produce a fine and uniform texture the likes of which cannot be created by hand. This is further accentuated through the use of a lapis lazuli blue to impart rich depth.

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