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KORANSHA was exhibiting at NY NOW WINTER 2020.

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Koransha was exhibiting at NY NOW Winter 2020, which was held at The Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC, from February 2nd to February 5th, 2020.

We had been a part of ARITA booth for last few years and this was our first time to exhibit our own Koransha booth in order to let attendees experience the world of Koransha more deeply!

Koransha has been producing representative products of Arita porcelain for more than 330-year history and we are very proud of our artisan’s skills. At NY NOW Winter, you will experience the combination of historical products, such as the reprint of the product awarded 140 years ago, and modern and new style of products.

Attendees were truly amazed by our beautiful products.

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