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Koransha to Showcase the Latest in Japanese Arita Porcelain at Upcoming Las Vegas Market Expo

As the oldest manufacturer of Arita porcelain in Japan, Koransha blends a rich 400-year history of porcelain making with its innovative technology to create what is known as “Koransha-style.”

August 13, 2021 – Koransha, the world’s longest standing manufacturer of Japanese Arita porcelain, has announced that they will be exhibiting at the upcoming Las Vegas Market for the first time. The exposition will be from August 22nd to 25th with Koransha’s showing taking place at booth E-1532 on the Expo at World Market Center, Las Vegas, adjacent to Building C. Attendees can pre-plan their trip to the Koransha booth by locating Koransha on the exhibit map found on the Las Vegas Market’s website.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been 2 years since Koransha has been able to attend an exhibit show in the US. With over 400 years of history, Koransha is known in the industry for its continued innovation while observing traditional Arita porcelain-making customs. In a recent interview with Tableware International magazine, Koransha Co. President, Yuji Fukagawa, discussed the company’s approach to staying current with the demands of modern customers.

According to Fukagawa, Koransha maintains it’s continued success through surveying consumer taste both within and outside of the porcelain and ceramic industry. The Arita pottery maker also follows design trends from around the world, analyzing their findings to identify opportunities where Koransha can innovate in design or craftsmanship.

With Japanese porcelain in general being renowned worldwide for its distinctive quality, Koransha sets its wares apart in the market starting with its use of the finest base materials. This includes vibrant color glazes known as “Koransha Blue.”

At the Las Vegas Market exposition, Koransha will be exhibiting its full range of simple and modern collections as well as its traditional collections which the company has been inheriting for centuries. These include Pinstripe collection, which was awarded as “the Best New Product” at NY NOW 2019, Sakura Collection, as well as Gold Patterned Dinner Set. The company will also bring some of their newest collections, such as Dyed Pattern Collections, Animal Collections and more.

“At Koransha Co., our porcelain pottery is truly a sight to behold.” Said President Fukagawa. “With the insightful techniques of my ancestors who came 15 generations before me, to the modern influences of today, Koransha-style continues to be an excellent choice for discerning buyers of fine Japanese pottery. We invite all attendees and members of the media visit us at booth E-1532 and see firsthand why our pottery has stood the test of time.”

About Koransha

Since 1689, Koransha has been at the forefront of porcelain pottery crafted in Arita, Japan. With it’s distinctive Koransha-style, Koransha porcelain pottery is known for elegance and sophistication. As a purveyor to the Imperial House and to admirers of Japanese Arita porcelain around the world, Koransha continues to be the leading choice in fine Arita porcelain wares like plates, bowls, urns, vases, and more. To learn more about Koransha and to see its full line of porcelain pottery, visit the website at

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